Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 3 in knitting

I work on this scarf every chance I get. Which is not as often as I like with all that is going on here with our son, lawn care, and laundry... I think it is going to take forever to finish it.  But if I start something else it will take even longer.  So, I fight the temptation to pick up another pattern and cast on another more interesting project.  Bare with me as I try to get this one done.

With the weekend like it was, you know, beautiful, it was hard to sit on the couch and knit.

It measures 22 inches!  38 more to go.

Watson's Scarf

But I will share with Nicole at Frontier Dreams anyway! :) 


  1. Pretty colors. It's looking good! I know the temptation to begin something new. This scarf will be so worth it when it's finished!

  2. I think we all struggle not to start new things. All the best, Cathy x