Sunday, May 7, 2017

Revisiting the old Sunday Salon

What a beautiful weekend!  There was no rain and there was plenty of sunshine. 
 Old faithful... comes back every year without me having to do a thing with it!

 Ugh, I have not tackled this project.  Not really sure I want to either but I know I will as I can't stand looking at this "dead" mess.

 On the North side of the house these are my faithful ladies.  They require nothing but water!

Our kids old tire swing just waiting for grands to come along and enjoy it!

 The vegetable garden that is dormant this year.  I don't really care about gardening.  Too much work for too little people.

Truck and trailer that hauled our new tractor home.

Today's plan
I finished cutting the grass this morning and then returned the rented tuxedo.  I did one load of laundry because I do at least one a day.

Working on my water intake and I am only half way through the first bottle.

Listening to
The quiet.  Son is practicing for his ASVAB, hubby got called to work, grandma is in her room reading and I am "finding me".


Seven more actual days of school and 14 until graduation.  Wish that recruiter would call us with some good news!

My Weekend
Friday night hubby drove 4 hours one way to get our "new to us" tractor.  He stayed the night and traveled back the next morning.  He doesn't hold up well under long trips like he used to...  Friday night I got movies with my son at Redbox.  NEVER again will I let him pick out movies.  Just saying.  One I had him turn off.  The second was USS Indianapolis.  Definitely a good story but I could do without a soldier being eaten by a shark every three minutes!

Saturday morning I went and got some shopping done before hubby got home.  Then I cut some of the grass.  There is a lot to mow.  Saturday was our son's Senior prom.  I may be kind of prejudice but I think he is very handsome!

After we dropped him at prom hubby and I went out for a nice quiet dinner.  It's been a while since we could just sit and talk and not be interrupted by grandma or friends.  Just the two of us.  I also had to stay away until time to go pick our son up at midnight!  I made it though.

Sunday!  OH Sunday what a beautiful day!  I finished cutting the grass early as there was no dew. Then I had to go and return the rented tuxedo.  Came home to find that hubby had to go to work.  I hate that but it is good money on a Sunday. 

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  1. he looks so handsome and grown up! I won't watch a movie if it's rated R unless I pick it out :) Hope you have a wonderful week and get that recruiter call!